As Promised!

A little while ago I promised to let you know when the PNP or Portable North Pole was open this year so that you could use it to send enchanting ‘Santa’ messages to your loved ones old and young – well in PNP’s case the old and young are divided into three categories.

Well true to my word the PNP or Portable North Pole is indeed open again and you can send your highly personalised messages to your loved ones free – which is not only nice it is wonderful and probably the best value you will get this Christmas.

Below is all of the details you will need cut from an email they sent me – I am a great fan and I have to say have no connection what so ever with the good people who run this excellent website, I just used it last year for the first time and it helped to get a lot of people into the Christmas spirit.


Here is the address if you can read it properly on the picture –

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2 thoughts on “As Promised!”

  1. It is up – but not running. I was able to create the message and review it, but when I went to show the kids it didn’t work!!

  2. Mmh! That is odd I sent a few PNP messages the other day and they worked perfectly – maybe there was a glitch. Do try again it is worth it if you like Christmas – I would put one of those dreadful smiley faces with a wink here but I am trying to stamp them out!

    Thanks for reading and of course commenting I hope that my blog continues to delight you and all who read it.


    The Cat


    Someone asked me the other day if my name was ‘purrs’ because I use that the way that humans use ‘regards’ when signing off – you humans…

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