Here Is Some Great News!

My dear cuddly readers will be pleased to hear that to celebrate the launch of the latest Amazon reader ethingy the Kindle Fire those ever so nice people at Amazon have released the ‘Kindle’ and other ebook versions of my latest and most wonderful book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ early which is nice. I just have to say that you will be pleased to hear that ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ is coincidentally the best book I have written since my last one.

Not just to be content with getting a big head start on selling my ebook the paperback department of Amazon demanded equal rights to the ebook department and guess what you can buy either or indeed both formats on Amazon now, they have just told me I checked and it’s true – isn’t that wonderful.

Travelogue by John Woodcock

So that means that if you want a copy of my latest book you can order it now and have it instantly, if you want the eVersion or, in a couple of days max if you want the paper one. And the good news is that you will beat those who have ordered it at book stores by at least a couple of weeks.

So for all of my wonderfully faithful, patient and cuddly readers here are the important web addresses to click on, and don’t forget you will make me very happy if you buy one book, delightfully happy if you buy two and delirious happy if you buy more than five.

Of course it might go without saying, but I am going to say it anyway and I have a feeling I have said this before, you can instantly get a copy of my latest book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ from my www-wickedly wonderful website or at the store on my www – wickedly wonderful website here my store at

To make life easy for you I have added the links you are going to need to get my book from good old (some say) do go for The Cat’s Travelogue on or Amazon UK.

If you need a Kindle to read my truly wonderful latest book on then get a Kindle Fire here they are really rather good as well as being competitively priced I hear.

If you want a good old iPad2 then I have another place for you to click – Computers aren’t you lucky? This link will take you straight to Amazon.coms Computers store for great prices, fast delivery and the same service you get when ordering my book. You never know they might even arrive in the same parcel that would be neat wouldn’t it?

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A Little Light Relief From My Book Launch

As the title says I thought I would offer a little light relief from my book launch, and I have some time before I have a chat with a nice lady from a media outlet in Seattle so here is a picture I saw the other day and thought to myself “which one are they visiting?”

Which one are they visiting

You humans really are ‘adorable’ and when I use that would I really me simple.

The book launch is going well, as I said above it’s busy but they don’t happen often and neither do colds what a shame that both came around at the same time for me this year!

Have you ordered your copy of my latest peerless masterpiece of feline? No! Well do because I don’t want to ask myself in a few weeks time “was it worth sneezing over so many members of the public at book signings and annoying sound engineers in TV studios?”

If you haven’t ordered your copy of my latest book The Cat’s Travelogue there is no better place than Amazon and you can do that using my handy link below although I have to say that my www – wickedly wonderful website is as good but you can’t buy a toaster and my book there.

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Web Design Kittens

To my surprise and delight my web design Kittens have become rather popular among my dear cuddly readers and quite a few have added extra fan mail to the usual (and welcome fan mail) they send me by sending fan mail to my cute web design Kittens.

Quite a few of the fan letters asked for a picture of my web design Kittens and so so here it is.

Web Design Kittens

In answer to the person who wrote from Des Moines, the one from Bangalore and indeed the one from Didsbury, England the answer is a firm no.

Regarding the request from the man in Fife Scotland, you should be ashamed of yourself! How could my web design Kittens write a book? I ask you! That’s what I do! If you want a masterpiece of feline literature then read either Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary or The Cat’s Travelogue which you can get from either my www – wickedly wonderful website or from

To make it easier for you just click these pictures and you will be whisked straight to my wonderful book of your choice on Amazon – there who says I don’t look after my cuddly readers.

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Web Site Redesign

To accommodate my latest masterpiece ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ my web design Kittens have been working around the clock to redesign, improve and extend my www – wickedly wonderful website

So now when you arrive at my www – wickedly wonderful website you have the choice of viewing my www – wickedly wonderful website in either the original Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary mode or click the page turn icon at the top on the right hand side and enter… wait for it… The Cat’s Travelogue mode of my www – wickedly wonderful website isn’t that neat? Aren’t my web design Kittens just the coolest web designers around? The answer there is yes by the way.

My clever web design Kittens have included the usual high quality features you expect from a truly www – wickedly wonderful website although of course we all know that there is only one www – wickedly wonderful website and that one is mine and that is because it was me that invented the concept of www – wickedly wonderful website what a clever Cat I am! But then you know that don’t you my dear cuddle readers and my new friends.

So do go and visit my www – wickedly wonderful website and take a peek at the changes and if you like them do let me know through the usual channels or blind drop boxes.

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The Cat’s Travelogue

I thought that my dear cuddly readers might like a sneak peek at my latest blockbuster of a masterpiece – The Cat’s Travelogue which was published on Friday and is apparently selling like cakes straight from the oven already on, paper version here The Cat’s Travelogue Paperback Edition, so here is a short synopsis just for you.

Travelogue by John Woodcock

They say that terrible things happen to Cats in far off lands, they eat them in some uncivilised countries and I can now tell you that everything you hear is true, from what I have seen, the world is a bit of a mess and a nasty one at that and I know that’s true because I have recently seen a lot of it from some very unusual places.

Of course like most of the international incidents and indeed domestic emergencies I have caused in my travels I was oblivious to the dire situations I found myself in, but then I am only a Cat and what do I know?

This Travelogue is not a complete list of the places I visited because some have already paid me to “keep my big f’ing mouth shut” as most of their public relations bods put it, or they will have implemented banning orders preventing me from mentioning what awful dumps they really were!

In fact this book could be the first one in history that actually gets smaller over time and that’s because other countries I’ve visited may come up with what could only be described as a “very tempting” offer to have their chapters removed!

There what do you think of it so far? Racy, exciting, controversial, funny, brilliant, another masterpiece, written by a genius I bet you think all of those things and so much more judging by the reports of sales so far.

If you want to start reading my wonderful book immediately and it is a great read you can of course do that in ebook form from either The Cat’s Travelogue ebook or my own www – wickedly wonderful website which has been specially redesigned by my team of Web Design Kittens to incorporate my latest book The Cat’s Travelogue.

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What a Silly Feline!

Ok no prizes for guessing which Cat in his excitement to tell the world about launching his book early to coincide with the launch of their Kindle Fire managed to use the ‘old’ link to his other masterpiece ‘Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ – yes me of course.

Here is the right link.The Cat’s Travelogue on

There thank goodness I put that right. I am so sorry to send you all to the wrong place, but I have to say now you know how I felt when I was writing my Travelogue, everywhere I went was the ‘wrong’ place.

Here is a treat for you though, the cover of my latest book.

Travelogue by John Woodcock

And if you haven’t see the Kindle Fire in all of its blazing glory here is a link for that by way of an apology – again.

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A Sneak Peek Of The Cover Of My Latest Book

Yes that’s right dear cuddly readers here’s a sneak peek of the cover of my latest book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue.’

Now while I am very happy with the cover in general I am not too happy with one element, can anyone guess what it is? If you can there is a free ebook in it for you, if you can’t then after failing to change the cover at a last minute summit meeting with the publishers I added my comments about the bit of the cover I dislike to the new book so the week before last so you will be able to read the book and tell me what it is that I dislike.

The closing date for the competition has to be Sunday (tomorrow) sadly because my wonderful book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ will be available on by then and in bookstores soon afterwards but a little bird told me that you can buy the ebook version of my unputdownable book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ right now, in fact I think I am sitting on the link here. All of which means that if you buy an ebook now you stand a great chance of winning my amazing competition and still can buy a paper version at a later date.

Travelogue by John Woodcock

If you can’t live without my new book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ and I can’t blame you for that and want the ebook early then use this link, if you just want to cheat on the competition above then I understand just go for Kindle Edition of The Cat’s Travelogue on or Amazon UK.

There I am such a nice Cat not only letting you cheat in my competition but most importantly enabling you to have instant access to my wonderful ebook ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ in advance of everybody, yes that is the sort of Cat I am and just how much I love my cuddly readers and Cat fans.

Of course it might go without saying, but I am going to say it anyway, you can instantly get a copy of my latest book ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ from my www-wickedly wonderful website or at the my store on my www – wickedly wonderful website.

There! Does this clever Cat think of everything or what? All you have to do today is to click on a few links, use your or someone else’s credit card and you are away and one of the very first to buy what people have described as the “travelogue to end all travelogues.”

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