Urban Fox has a Muddy Escape

Franky the Fox an adorable young fox cub had what couldn’t exactly be termed a Bond like escape from a muddy spot of bother recently when he was pulled from a deep muddy hole on building site caked in mud.


Four-month-old Franky the Fox who was rescued from an site close to London’s Canary Wharf, wasn’t apparently looking for a secret way into the London Olympics without paying he had just lost his way and fell into the deep hole and had little or no chance of escaping.

Happily a kindly builder spotted Franky the Fox and his slimy predicament and phoned the South Essex Wildlife Hospital who arrived promptly on the scene to take care of Franky the Fox.

The only harm that was done was that Franky the Fox was covered in a thick layer of dried sludge from head to foot which as you can see washed off – eventually.

After a lot of rest and even more food Franky the Fox will be released into the wild with the warning presumably, “Don’t go near any deep muddy holes!” Let’s hope that Franky the Fox remembers this important warning in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Urban Fox has a Muddy Escape”

  1. Hi John, Normally I don’t approve comments from companies trying to sell their goods and services through comments on my blog – goodness that’s why I write blogs to sell my wonderful books and diluting that opportunity would affect my pockets if I had any.

    However I always have a look at the website of anyone writing to me with a url and I have to say that what you do to humanely repel animals including Foxes sounds good so here you are in a coveted place on my website. I would ask one favour in return and that is maybe write a blog about the recent spate of home invasions by Foxes, telling people who are working themselves up into a hysteria about Foxes attacking humans that this is a remarkably rare occurrence and that Foxes will usually run rather than have contact with humans or indeed any of your repellent devices like the motion sprinkler, mind you I expect a thirsty Fox might not run away from that one so quickly as the manufacturer thinks he would!

    Foxes are a wonderful addition to the landscape whether it is rural or city and happily are in the main not being chase and executed anymore by the Royal family, and their rich friends, I hope that your business thrives because that will mean that there are more and more Foxes around and that can only be a good thing.


    The Cat

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