Automation goes too far in China

Well would you credit it the Chinese, famous for their love of production lines and automation have finally come up with the automated creation of children. A process that obviously takes all of the pain, moaning and groaning out of conception, pregnancy and giving birth.

From concept to conception Yuxian China

And by the looks of it you can watch TV as your new born is delivered which is nice, it will help pass the time, though I do wonder what they were thinking about when they added the ‘lobby’ switch!

Oh come on what am I saying, I ‘wonder’ about the all the switches, although the TV one is ok I suppose if you like that sort of thing. But then you have to think to yourself do the silly sods think that instead of watching TV while arranging a birth you should broadcast it.

By flicking that switch does it mean you go ‘live’ to the nation? Well I don’t know do I! I’m just a Cat happily and don’t understand humans, especially their odd cousins on the other side of the Great Wall.

One thing you can say about the Great Wall and its builders is that they really knew what they were doing keeping the sods on the ‘other’ side of it, didn’t they?

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