Backward ways in China oh and a Happy New Year too!

If you need to be excused please don’t try to follow these instructions too carefully!

Follow these instructions carefully China

Now my dear cuddly readers if you happen to be lucky enough to live in a country that celebrates the New Year then I would like to personally wish you a very happy one, noses, head bumps and Purrs. And if you want to make this Cat’s new year a very happy one then do please visit my Kickstarter page (details below of course) and back my very worthwhile 3D animated movie project (details below again).

As you can see my hopes for the new year are very high and it would be awful to disappoint such a nice Cat as me wouldn’t it? So for that reason alone you should cough up some cash now, or as I say in my bestselling first book, borrow someone else’s credit card and treat us, me because I will get whatever you can spend before you get rumbled and you because the rush you’ll get from using someone else’s credit card is similar to nibbling Chocolate or better still Prawns! And we all need a bit of excitement sometimes don’t we?

Don’t miss my Kickstarter Project

For a limited time only, as they say, you can help with what has been described as the best Kickstarter project ever, namely The Cat’s 3D Animated Movie Project.

Yes that’s right if you click here MY KICKSTARTER PROJECT you can help yourself to a piece of what will be movie history. I’m making a trailer for my up coming movie and I really need your help! Give as much as you like for wonderful and valuable rewards.

Sadly we live in a suspicious world so if you send this link to a friend you might like to use this one to show that there isn’t any funny business involved, there never is on my blog or site but then only you and I know that don’t we!

They can paste it into their browser and go straight to my 3D animated movie project page on Kickstarter.

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