No nude photographs hacked from iCloud

My publicist is happy to announce that no photographs of me in anything less than a clsoe fitting Catsuit have been hacked from my iCloud account.

My paws go out to starlets Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Winona Ryder and the models Kate Upton and Cara Delevingne, who it seems, were daft enough to leave nude pictures of themselves on iCloud.

In another and separate thought I would ask that someone track down and stop the person responsible for the latest topless photographs of little Kiera Knightly which appeared in several publications recently. I have to say that I thought it was rather odd that either she or her publicist hadn’t condemned the publication of these images and then after some research I discovered that she got paid for them.

So here is a lesson I have learned. If an actress or model poses in the altogether in private and shares those pictures (presumably) with her friends through the iCloud and then then general public somehow get to see them, that’s a shocking crime. But if the general public, without asking,g et to see similar pictures of actresses and models in their birthday suits which those actresses etc., have been paid for then they are expected to be…

I haven’t quite finished my research so I don’t know exactly what the general public are expected to be.

Of course it might not be that any of the actresses or models wanted to share pictures of them au naturel from their iCloud but merely wanted to clear out shed loads of pictures of them in the raw from their iDevices. Haven’t they heard of hackers? Are they dumb enough to believe Apple when they say that their iCloud is secure? Hasn’t the iCloud been hacked before? Are all questions I really can’t be bothered to answer!

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