Old and tired

Yesterday was an occasion in the country that head old Europe. It was the state opening of parliament. And what an embarrassment that was! Here is a snap from the cast who should all be sent out to grass!

The main performers are a family who have for centuries dragged the UK backwards tho a better time when only a very select few wore bling and even fewer were amazingly rich oligarchs and monarchs.

Below is a picture of the leaders current bunch who constitute the monarchy and as such receive a chunk of what is known these days as the ‘Sovereign Support Grant’ or £37.9 million for 2014-15. It’s like income support except that the recipients don’t have proper jobs.

In addition to this state handout the old fella on the left of the picture the ageing heir apparent (who may have woken up at the moment this photograph was taken) receives £19 million a year from the £728 million portfolio of land and property interests which comprises the Duchy of Cornwall or “Duketh Kernow” as the Cornish say, though if they said it to this balding Duke he wouldn’t have a clue what they were saying as he doesn’t speak Cornish.

Old and tired

For any of you who don’t know and are curious how such a large chunk of England, well Cornwall and Devon, Herefordshire, Somerset and Wales to be more exact is in the ownership of just one person the answer, is like most of the answers in the UK ‘historic.’

In 1337 after many years of civil war Edward III stole the land and great houses of most of his defeated enemies and decided to give some of them to his son Edward, Prince of Wales, the “Black Prince.”

Who actually wasn’t ‘a person of colour’ he was called “black” by the French (something about the colour of his armour), at that time it was a popular hobby of soon to be kings to go off fighting and the French being closes to England were something of a favourite. So it could be said that the prince of wales. it is only males who can inherit the Duchy is a ‘fence’ living off the proceeds of stolen property.

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