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For reasons best known to Birmingham (UK) Community Leisure Trust I received an email with a newsletter embedded in it yesterday. I have never asked for emails to be sent from the aforementioned trust, I have no interest in what they are doing and I have only ever been to Birmingham once or twice 40 years ago and lastly I don’t live in the UK.

So I am pretty sure that the information contained in the email was nothing to do with me. But I read it anyway, I have a tendency to read everything, labels, sides of lorries, billboards and even books.

Imagine my delight when I realised just how confused the Birmingham Community Leisure Trust actually is! Why do I say that? Well below is the foot of the newsletter and if you look at the right hand side you’ll see that there are several logos for the ever awful facebook and the rather tedious Twitter and smaller versions appear again just below them, joined by a logo for the dreadful google plus, with the invitation from the Birmingham Community Leisure Trust to “share this email.”


Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, rather tiredly. Bear with me and scan down to the centre of the third line of small print and feast your eyes on the rather contradictory statement. “This e–mail is confidential to the ordinary user of the e–mail address to which it was addressed. If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system and notify the sender immediately.”

So first of all what is an ‘e-mail,’ beats me! Secondly and more importantly the pompous note from the Birmingham Community Leisure Trust rather conflicts with their wishes just under an inch above which says “share this email.”

Of course I didn’t “delete it from your system and notify the sender immediately” because I rather want to see what other nonsense they can send my way in the future. Mind you if they are reading this blog, please could they not include more pictures of tubby ladies doing what I can only describe as their version of HIIT which the Birmingham Community Leisure Trust kindly explains is (high intensity interval training).

Neither do I want to attend the course entitled “Baby Bounce.” I have a feeling that bouncing babies may well be illegal, apart from describing bonny ones that is.

Now can you see what it pays to read absolutely everything. Personally what most authors think is serious has me rolling in my Cat basket.

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