I missed you all yesterday

As the title says I missed you all yesterday and I hope you missed me!

Unfortunately I had to have another tooth out or that is what the Vet insisted, I wonder if he knows just how much it hurts? I tried to bite him but wasn’t quick enough before the anaesthetic kicked in, and when I woke up I just felt too sorry for myself to retaliate. You understand I’m sure.

Mind you whether he knows how much it hurts isn’t my only question frankly, I have my suspicions that he is making a necklace out of my teeth.

Happily I couldn’t find a picture of a necklace made of Cat’s teeth to accompany this little blog, but to my horror I found necklaces made of all sort of animals tigers, bears, wolves which were all rather disgusting and I hope brought the owners nasty diseases.

However I did find a (royalty free of course) picture of a necklace made of something that resembles Cat’s teeth or so the caption said, but they aren’t like mine happily.

Cats teeth necklace

Mind you probably the worst picture I encountered after googling “Cats teeth necklaces” was a picture of cufflinks made of human molars, they were absolutely disgusting, still worse I suppose was the total and utter inaccuracy of the google search engine!

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The Cat Portrait2

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