IKEA a rip off in any language

IKEA a rip off in any language

It doesn’t matter how much IKEA inflate the price and then lie about “savings” or the language they use to do that, they still produce the worst products in the world, including the egg cups I bought recently which only take eggs the size of duck eggs.

Obviously the ‘designers’ and I use that word very loosely are paid too much and buy duck eggs for breakfast or they have very, very big eggs in Sweden, still I don’t care I threw them away not long after I bought them.

I have to admit that usually IKEA products do last a little longer but they seem to fall apart all to quickly.

What I want to know is how did the world get taken in by IKEA? They are everywhere strangling ordinary, decent furniture manufacturers while producing utter crap! Oh sorry about the word ‘crap’ it really doesn’t describe the awful quality of IKEA products sufficiently. Does it? I do apologise and I will go off and try to think of a word better suited to describing the dreadful landfill they sell!

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