Apr 132017

In a recent study critical of ‘millennials’ researches discovered that among 25 to 34 yr olds up to 77% couldn’t fix a bike puncture and 68 per cent can’t wire a plug.

Apparently a third of young adults can’t change a lightbulb and quarter say they can’t even boil an egg!

All of which leads observers to worry about what the future will be like for these rather helpless individuals!

Sadly observers have missed out on studying a group of individuals who have never had to do any of the mundane chores millennials are so inept at performing.

All they had to do was to observe the british royal family.

Below is an example of just how inept this bunch really is.

Recently the head of “the firm” as she likes to call it, the queen, advertised in the Standard newspaper for someone to continue a tradition of servitude.

“Royal Shoe Breaker-Inner Required”

Person required to break in shoes on behalf of her majesty.

Requirements. Small foot.

Warning: Must not have smelly feet. This is very important.

Pampered Royal

Of course the queen is not the only helpless soul in that family, just take an objective look at the rest of them! Something royal watchers sadly never do!

Oh one last point, can millennials break in their own shoes? Of course they can, they aren’t that useless or feeble!

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