The UK’s No 1 Day Out!

I really like Devon and have always thought of it as a rather nice place to live and if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to live there then visit for a vacation.

As a vacation destination Paignton, in Devon has a lot to offer for a family orientated holiday. A few of the great attractions are presented on the bus in the picture below.

The Totnes Steamer Quay is rather splendid for children and adults of all ages, Paignton Zoo is quite special and again a hit with people of most ages. Paignton Esplanade is full of all sort of family seaside attractions, and the Steam Trains, well who doesn’t like a bit of nostalgia?

The River Cruise also sounds inviting and perfect for the family, and so a circular tour including the attractions above sounds like a jolly good idea. But the I rather think that the entire family day out might be spoilt by the glaring difference between the bus waiting to whisk you away on the tour and the one advertised.

The UK s No 1 Day Out  Buyer Beware

Topless indeed.

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