Nov 092017

As someone Cat with an interest, some would say an unnatural addiction, in fish I rather like to visit aquaria around the world because they are usually jam packed with delicacies, oops sorry fish and crustaceans, though not their restaurants I have noticed!

All of which means I have visited quite a few of these undersea worlds and like to think I ma a bit of an expert on them.

The Antalya Aquarium is one of the biggest aquarium complexes of the world boasts the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. With a length of 131 meters if anyone is interested.

I am afraid for all of its size and nice modern architecture it is a bit of a let down. The biggest tunnel aquarium in the world, with a length of 131 meters if anyone is interested, enables all the fish to hide more successfully not a ad thing for the fish, who I am confident would be more ‘at home’ in the sea, but for small children with an confirmed aversion to walking it is also a bit of a let down.

One thing I found very confusing about the Antalya Aquarium appears on the entrance ticket. After reading the top left hand corner of the ticket I was convinced that I should nip back to the hotel and change into my Yetiskin costume, I always keep one handy for occasions like this in Turkey because I thought that I could get a reduced entrance fee for people in fancy dress.

On my second visit I wore my Yetiskin costume and guess what they wouldn’t even let me in when I promised to pay full price let alone give me a discount for my wonderful hand tailored costume.

All I can say in a huff is I’m not going back there again any time soon!


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