We all have failings

Please don’t panic this isn’t some sort of confessional blog, where I open up about my terrible deficiencies as a Cat, because and let’s face it you should all know I don’t have any terrible deficiencies, although I do have a few failings, most involve the supply of Shrimp, but I’m deviating from the point here.

As I said we all have failings and one of mine is that my command of the German language, it is rather limited and so bearing that in mind my alarming discovery on a packet of meat sticks might be wrong, but here goes.

For Rats

The German phrase at the bottom of the packaging says “VORRATS PACKUNG” which I believe means A package for rats! So my question is what are they saying about their customers?

All in all calling your customers “rats” is a little contentious isn’t it? Unless I’ve just fed my guests rat food, oh dear I don’t feel well now that thought has occurred to me!

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