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It s  claer that the English education system is broken

It’s ‘claer’ that the English education system is broken! Yes that’s right folks there are more semiliterate people in the the UK than ever before. But then they aren’t just writing illegal signs to prove just how dumb they are, oh no! They’re demanding to go to the beach, gather in public ignoring the fact that there is an extremely contagious killer waiting literally to get up their nose!

Seems like the UK has gone the way of America where the stupids put one of their own in power.

Just imagine for a moment that instead of a deadly virus roaming the streets, it was a Tiger, or Lion or Flesh Eating Bug the nation would panic, hide behind boarded up windows and doors and of course the government would act, what a difference that would make if the stupids in the UK and USA and their daft governments actually had taken the virus seriously in the first place.

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