It Is Okay You Are Allowed!

I recently heard a very sad story and I would like to share it with you because I don’t want it to happen again. Don’t worry this clever Cat knows that all of you humans have short attention spans and so the story is brutally short.

The other day I got a tearful email from a rather young girl after she had been to my amazing website to see the snow. She said that her friends had told her that she wasn’t allowed to go back as often as she wanted to so that she could worship me properly.

I would like to quash any rumours before they spread from the dripping tongues of the unworthy by stating here and now that you can go to my website as often as you like to worship me. As a star some say I need to be worshipped and although I wouldn’t go to those sort of Brad Pitt lengths I do rather like the adoration. And remember a trip to my website doesn’t cost you anything, now isn’t that exceptional value – I should say so!

Purrs from,

The Cat

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