I Admit Now I Was Confused

Yes I admit it now, I was wrong but when you think that you have been described as the perfect Christmas ‘git’ you would get a little uppity wouldn’t you? What I didn’t realise was that the lady who apparently is the soft toy executive at the large toy corporation I was in a meeting with was describing the soft toy that they plan to make of me as part of the merchandise for the film of my book and that it would be the “perfect Christmas gift!”

I have to say I agree with her, it is going to be a wonderful children’s gift for the holidays now I know what she is talking about.

It looks like my PR people might have to do a bit of work on my image now though. I can’t honestly say I didn’t mean to bite the soft toy executive because I did. Well wouldn’t you get annoyed if someone who you hardly know called you a git?

Even I wait for a few days so that I get to know people before I do!

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