Happily I Am Wrong


One of the books that I am writing in my trilogy of five books to follow the blockbusting “Getting Out – Excerpts from A Cat’s Diary” has a catchy working title which i plan to fight fang and claw to keep when I start to argue with the publisher and my agent and its title is “People I Really Hate.”

I have a Twitter list on the subject but that was only to annoy all of the idiots who call; themselves ‘Margaret Thatcher!’

Any way I discovered a new word the other day and I would like to share it with you because it is a lovely word I first thought that Poliphobe meant someone who hated parrots but rather delightely I discovered it means someone who hates everything!

Now you have to hand it to poliphobes all over the world because it must take some enormous dedication to actually hate everything, even I can’t pretend to be hate everything because, and I know it is a weakness I love Prawns or Shrimp as the lovely Americans call them, oh and of course I love Americans they are so err ‘cuddly.’

One last thing do you think poliphobes dislike ‘me?’ I can’t imagine that can you? No I thought not!

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