Great News!


Here is some really wonderful news! I remembered that I forgot – does that sound right? Well never mind! I remembered that I forgot to tell you all about kippers when I mentioned them a while ago, but I have remembered now and found a nice picture of the tasty treats so here is the information that you have probably been waiting for!

A kipper is made from a fish called a herring. When kippers are made they use the whole herring and just split from tail to head, then they take out the nasty wobbly bits, salt it and then cold smoked it for a while in a smoke house.

Humans and Cat’s in the UK and the US often eat grilled kippers for breakfast and they are sublime with butter and a poached egg or two.

Some humans and all Cats in the UK eat kippers for high tea or supper and they are beyond divine and most Cat’s, like me, would kill for them, though it has to be said we rarely do!

There I hope that helps do let me know if you want any more information on kippers or indeed any other fish, I like to pride myself that I am a bit of an expert on fishy things.

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2 thoughts on “Great News!”

  1. So Steve did you try Kippers? What did you think of them? And more importantly where are mine?

    I am so pleased that you all in the office like my blog, I hope that you are bulling complete strangers into reading it and of course harrassing them into buying my wonderful book. One of my favourite reviews was – “The book is just like Three Men In A Boat but without the three men and the boat and the comic genius.” The’re hard bastards at Mouse Weekly!


    The Cat

  2. Thanks for the tip I am going to the north of England soon and will try Kippers for the first time. Your blogs are very funny and we love them in the office keep up the good work.

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