Isn’t It Great That The Attention Span Of The Media Is Two Day’s Tops


Hello everyone, it’s The Cat here, I got up today expecting to see the TV news and copies of all of the serious newspapers carrying more stories about the financial collapse of Cat World, the mega Office, Shopping, Hotel, Entertainment and Holiday destination which ran in to very minor financial difficulties recently, I mean is $80 billion really a lot of money these days?

But happily I couldn’t see any reference to the project, the missing cash, my good self or my rather mediocre bunch of idiots that comprises the board of directors, all I might add either appointed by banks or governments.

It is a bit of a relief not to see constant references to ‘Fat-Cats’ I have to say with my face splashed here there and everywhere.

So I suppose thanks to the sort attention spans of the media and the forget full nature of the people in the streets, that’s you the taxpayers who will no doubt pick up the bill for this little lot, I can safely say that we have got away with this, but then we did learn a lot from the good people at Bank of America, RBS and my chums at Lehman Brothers.

In fact some of my old muckers at Lehman Bros. and I are as we speak planning and of course financing Cat World 2.

Cat World 2 is going to be bigger, better and more expensive than the first Cat World and it may even be built before the first Cat World, currently we are looking at three locations around the world where the governments are how can we put this ‘lenient’ enough to lets us build in a place that is at the moment natural and unspoilt.

Watch this space for more exciting information and don’t forget contact us soon if you want to be in on the ground floor. We are accepting initial investments of $100,000 and that is a bargain for this baby.

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