Cat World 2- The Biggest News


The latest and biggest news is that Cat World 2 is now a reality and will most likely be set in the now nearly derelict Olympic Park, Beijing.

The small chaps in the grey trouser suits have come up triumphs and even offered yours truly diplomatic status if the Cat World debacle gets any worse and this Cat has to do a Houdini if you get my meaning.

Aren’t they just the greatest? You can see why China without even the talent, culture or resources will one day become the most powerful nation on the earth can’t you? They just don’t have any scruples what so ever, gosh they could even teach Russia a few things in that department.

Actually I believe they teaching the Borises a few things because the very dangerous Mr. P has been toddling off to see the lads over there for a few bottles of nice cold Tsingtaos and some lessons in one party politics just recently.

Between you and me, and I know that you can keep a secret, I was a little surprised that the SinoSids welcomed me with such open arms, of course I was a little wary I have, after all, heard the Chinese Takeaway horror stories and didn’t fancy being a fancy menu item, but this was an investment opportunity that cannot be missed.

When I asked if Cat was off the national menu the lads from the central party committee just couldn’t stop laughing and Won, Ding or Dong I couldn’t remember which one was which, nearly choked on his ice cold Tsingtao. They do all look alike. But anyway after he finished chuckling he said that most of the Proles in the country couldn’t even afford to feed their families Rat let alone Cat so I was quite safe!

So do watch this space, although I have a feeling now that we have an agreement things will go quiet for a while and I can talk about something else on my blog.

One last thing though. It is a little after the first of December as you can tell by the date on this blog, I have to ask if you have started ordering your copies of my wonderful book “Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary,” which is available to all for a small fee at or if you are in need of a laugh you can go to my ‘www‘- wickedly, wonderful website, and don’t waste your money going to see this pile of rubbish.

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