The Cat Issues Privacy Warnings Over Paparazzi Photos


In conjunction with the announcement from Her Majesty the Queen and indeed prompted to some extent by her stand on the paparazzi taking pictures of her and her family in what she describes as ‘private moments’ I feel that I have to make a stand against some of the gutter press’s most recent outrages.

A ‘private moment’ of mine was splashed all over the press recently by the paparazzi, it was awful, embarrassing and the picture was frankly very unflattering! Surely just because I am famous it doesn’t give anyone the right to take paparazzi pictures of me in my litter tray does it? And I am sure that the Queen would be the first to agree with me!

Having said that I am not like Prince Willie, and that nice little mousey Katie Middleton person, worried about the paparazzi taking pictures of me out shooting small furry animals with my Dad and Step Mother and that is because obviously being a small furry animal I have a ‘thing’ against shooting them in the first place!


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It’s All New Shiny And Improved – But Not Necessarily In That Order!


Yes that’s right, it really is all new shiny and improved! What is all new shiny and improved I hear you ask, my website of course!

Here at my ‘www‘- wickedly, wonderful website we have had the scaffolding up for a few months and the sun blotted out my many a large builders bum just so that you get to use my new and improved website. Or as the Americans (bless every single one of them) would say to “improve your website experience!”

So what do you think of my ‘www‘- wickedly, wonderful website? It is fab isn’t it? And whether you like it or not I would love to hear what you think of it, you can tell me on line or write to me at my own personalised email address now how cool is it to have your own personalised email address? No don’t tell me, I know!

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