Two Innocent Articles And Then…. A Warning!


I didn’t realise that when I started to support The Queen’s stand against the dreadful incursions of the paparazzi that I would have started to prise the lid off a can, full to the brim, of worms.

Ok, so I have been mentioning the UK Royal’s love of shooting small furry animals such as myself, though wilder, (and I have to say wouldn’t you be wild if you were being shot at?) and now I have had something of a warning through a third party from the United States.

This came in the mail today:

You have finally done it my friend I think. Here in the States we have the men in black who handle upstarts and the like. I am certain the British have more than the guys with Amy Winehouse hats. If you piss those people off, someone will be wearing you to the next Royal function I’m sure so take it easy on the people who run things.

Now I had no idea what an Amy Winehouse hat was but now I am worried, see above. Yes her hair is uncannily like a Guardsman’s bearskin helmet if you can say the word helmet in the same article as you mention The Queen? I don’t know but then I am only a Cat after all!

Thinking about it, it might be a good precaution to get a disguise?

I know, I could wear an Amy Winehouse hat! As you can see Amy Winehouse hats are all the rage among Cats at the moment. Below is a recent snap of my Siamese friend Prince Blue Flower or Bert as we call him affectionally, he is modelling his Amy Winehouse hat which was given to him only last week, poor devil.

What do you think? Will it work if I go under cover of Amy Winehouse’s hair?

Toby, Ginger, Monty and Felix have all said that they will wear their Amy Winehouse hats in sympathy with me bless them, so as word spreads across the world please, gentle readers, don’t be alarmed if your Cat crosses your lounge wearing something that looks like a dead fellow member of his or her species on his bonce, it is only your very own Moggie wearing his or her Amy Winehouse hat with pride and demonstrating solidarity with yours truly.

You know I never thought I could get into so much hot water and I will have to get out of it soon or my Amy Winehouse hat will sag like a badly cooked Soufflé.


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2 thoughts on “Two Innocent Articles And Then…. A Warning!”

  1. this letter is just to let you know that skylin has taken ill again. she read the above blog and had to be taken around to the hospital for the pain in her sides. im sure she is deathly ill as she was unable to stop laughing. its a condition that hasnt happened to her often but as of late she has been stricken with this condition while reading your book and lastly your blog. i see this as self inflicted as she volentarily reads religiously what the cat writes so i am concerned her insurance will not cover any treatment she may require. i just thought your other readers should be aware of the danger they may be in while reading your book or blog, mostly your book. so there be forwarned. i will keep you abreast of skylin’s condition should there be any lasting damage. she usually recovers quickly once she can stop laughing and breathe properly. as for this article, all i can say is just look at that poor, poor girl. will no one tell her that its not working for her. someone over there please intervene!

  2. Cat, Did you move your blog off blogger?
    I LOVE your new site….Are you using Amy’s hair to hide a birds nest?
    You can have easy access to snacks that way!

    Leave a comment on my blog, would you?
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your patient handler.

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