01 01 2010


So it is only 01 01 2010 that isn’t very impressive is it? Just wait until it is 20 10 2010 now that will be interesting, but frankly I don’t know why!

If you would like to know I have recovered from the noise of the fireworks that you humans let off last night and am now ready for breakfast, I presume it will be something special. Smoked Haddock would be nice and please let’s have it dyed if possible, dyed Smoked Haddock is more authentic don’t you think, if you are eating “yellow fish” then it should be “yellow” shouldn’t it?

Have a good 2010!

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4 thoughts on “01 01 2010”

  1. I am so sorry you had to endure yet another human holiday or celibration. Just out of curiosity are there any cat holidays or celebrations? Maybe some famous cat {other than yourself of course) thats made cat history. I dont really know a thing about another cat besides you, any proud relatives? I know your whole world doesnt revolve around eating. That would be like one of our rednecks here in the south with his beer and that large stomach to go with it.

  2. Did you get your haddock? I hope it was tasty.Sounds like except for the noise you had a good new years eve.

  3. The “furry little idiot” thanks you, it thinks? I fully intend to have the most marvellous of 2010’s, in fact it is going to be so good that I won’t want to repeat it ever again!

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