A Word About Porridge Or Oatmeal


Did you know that it is Porridge time? I personally am making several gallons at the moment which I did planned to make a coat out of for myself and stay worm because I was told that Porridge kept you warm. But apparently that is not the way to stay warm using Porridge.

You eat it! Apparently! So I have cooked up a batch, it takes several days in the microwave but happily it doesn’t leave a dirty saucepan afterwards.

I cooked and cooked the stuff because i wanted to get to a very cream consistency and had to wait for the starch in the Oats to burst, when this happens Porridge takes on a whole new taste which is very creamy and will compliment the pints of cream that it will be mixed with.

The reason for the big batch is that you can keep Porridge in the fridge for several days and as it is a pain in the “ahem!” to make it is a great idea to make loads.

Did you know that if you suffer from eczema you can help it by putting a couple of handfuls of Porridge in a muslin bag and hang it under the stream of hot water that you run when you have a bath. The water is cloudy and something in it and the Porridge helps to cure eczema.

I have no idea whether bathing in Porridge makes you good to eat though, if you are grown ups you will have to try that one at home.

Happy New One!

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2 thoughts on “A Word About Porridge Or Oatmeal”

  1. i have never actually seen porridge but i know oatmeal is good for quite a few things which at this moment i dont think i should mention here. thinking of that oatmeal bath thing…..oh sorry where oh yes porridge would probably be equal to something we have here in the south called grits. if made from scratch its very hard but if the instant kind is used its no bother at all. give it a try and let me know how it goes. i mean eating grits not an oatmeal bath. if you want though try that too just take some company with you in case of emergency that sort of thing. may i suggest a female cat as females are all better at rescues as we all know. let me know!!

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