After The Latest Big Announcement Here Is Mine


First of all this good looking Cat would like to thank each and everyone of you for coming to Cat World Headquarters, we promise it will be worth it and not at all like yesterday’s damp squib of an announcement from good old Google who could only manage to produce out of the hat a copy of Apple’s iPhone called oddly in my view “Nexus One,” I am I have to say looking forward to the Nokia law suits there too.

That is the problem with hype of course it can only last so long can’t it Google and then afterwards you have to stand in the spotlight with your rather limp contribution to humanity.

Anyway where were we? Yes our announcement, well that is what a press conference is for isn’t it to tell all of you Cat fans something, something wonderful, something terrific, something so marvellous that it is going to change your lives for ever.

And when we here at cat World have discovered exactly what that is we will of course be having another press conference, this one of course was just to let you know that we like Google are working on something marvellous and when it is ready we will deliver it on time.

Unlike Google we can’t promise that whatever the wonderful thing is that we eventually launch will be free, but then they didn’t deliver that did they? Fancy promising that calls on mobiles would be paid for by advertising and then not delivering tisk tisk Google, however like Google we promise that what we deliver will be powerful, relevant and … well just too wonderful for words, which I think you will agree is a good place to stop!

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One thought on “After The Latest Big Announcement Here Is Mine”

  1. I think you are being so damn kind to google and i really cant figure out why but doesnt matter. im sure all things will become clear eveentually. at any rate i wanted to tell you that you are just too kind to me. really if you keep this up your going to spoil me.

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