We Are Going To Get You!

Very recently I was sent a video of a dreadful old bag stopping in a UK street, petting a Cat and then dropping it into a trash bin! Below are some stills of the piece of excrement petting and then dropping the poor Cat into a trash bin.

What on earth was this old cow thinking of? Well we don’t know and remember we are just Cats, but again it raises a serious question why are humans so awful? Sadly because we are just Cats we can’t answer that one either. Unfortunately this in ability to answer serious questions about the dreadful elements of the human race may of course lead to us Cats getting trashed.

Currently Ginger, Nobby, Jessie and the rest of my friends are raising money so that we can employ security guards and get the protection we deserve when we happen to want to stroll along a wall all to close to a trash bin.

If there are any donations left over I think that we should get private detective and find the awful, mean and petty old bag who did this to an unsuspecting and obviously friendly Cat and then dump her in a trash bin.


“Hello nice lady would you like to stroke me?” Asks an innocent Cat.


“Nice kitty of course I would!”


“How about a little bit of fun?” Asks the nice lady.




Words fail me, but I hope she gets cancer don’t you?

Is it me or is it worse that this dreadful Cat hater wasn’t some young tearaway but a silver haired middle aged woman who you would think was a pillar of any community – what is the world coming to?

You can see the video for yourself here, its Sky News (Fox in the states) but for once they may be doing the world a favour:-


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