New Solar System Found – Does It Need A Name?

New Solar System.jpg

So they have recently found an enormous solar system consisting of seven planets which orbit a sun like star about 127 light years from Earth and I wondered if it needed a name?

If this new solar system does need a name then may I drop one into the hat right now? How about “The Cat Solar System/’ with the main habitable planet being called simply ‘Planet Cat!’ Sounds not only good to me, it sounds absolutely stellar.

If the new solar system is called ‘The Cat’ with ‘Planet Cat’ the home planet then I promise to mention it in my next book which as you loyal fans know is a travelogue, but sadly I have a feeling that 127 light years is a bit of a step to go to get a picture of me on Planet Cat for the cover which is a shame because my latest book has a wonderful picture of me (the divine picture is below).


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