Naughty Cows!

There are plans to combat climate change with a less gassy diet for cows because scientists believe that climate change can be slowed if farmers around the world change the diet of their livestock, whose feed crops, farting, belching and manure contribute a fifth of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions.

I have to say that I have always thought that Cows were just a little – how can I put this? Er ‘earthy’ and now scientists have proved why Cows stand in fields with big smiles on their faces, they must be farting almost constantly to produce so much in the way of greenhouse gases.

Thank goodness that breeders never attempted to breed a ‘house Cow’ that is all I can say.

Where Have you Put the Summer?

Today it is raining, yesterday it was raining and would you believe it was raining the day before yesterday and it will probably be raining tomorrow! Now the rain situation is probably ok for you humans with umbrellas but for a Cat sitting on a window sill blowing two little patches of steam on the glass with his hot breath too much rain is just very depressing because as you can see from the photograph I can’t see out. And worse when it is raining heavily it makes the business of Escape heavy going.

As you probably know if you are a dedicated fan of mine that I like looking out of the window and planning my escape and so I am asking you nicely (at first) to kindly return the Summer so that I can see the back of this torrential rain and make my escape, it is I am sure the only think now holding me back oh of course there are the window locks, motion sensors, the security perimeter and flood lights at night, but I think the lack of fine weather has the biggest impact on my failure to escape.

Of course you humans are lucky not only because of your umbrellas but also because if you are stuck inside at work or at home and it is raining as hard as it is here you can happily read my book which you can easily get here or log onto my wickedly wonderful website here and while away the time or if you are like a Cat ‘wile’ away the time before your next escape attempt.