Lost Picture!

Hi All,

I am afraid that I have to admit that this Cat is only human – well as human as the idiots who do all of the clever work on his blog and website – you didn’t expect me to accept any blame did you?

Today I wrote a blog about the inhuman treatment of a yet another poor Cat who was dyed pink by some clown in the UK and to add impact I added a picture which seems to have vanished from my blog duh!

Where the picture went I have no idea and so I thought I would try again and see if the web fingered, ham fisted web designers and fully qualified fools can get it right this time.

Here (hopefully) is the picture.

Pink Cat.jpg




The Cat

New To My Website Near You! Games!

My lovely fans you are so very lucky, not only can you read a lot of my latest and most wonderful my book, Getting Out – Excerpts from The Cat’s Diary on my website and so much more to put a big smile on your face in these dark times but now you can have a lot of fun playing some marvellous Games which of course are all free online games all you have to do is click here – Games or of course on the previous link tee hee!

The Games (if you forgot you can click the word Games to play these super Games) are all free and best of all, about things that Cats really like such as themselves, Cat food and Kites – oh there’s one game about a Dog for Dog lovers because they probably like Cats as well and yes even the Dog’s game is free.

I think my favourite game is the Kite game because I love Kites and saving Mice (for later when no one is looking tee hee), but the Virtual Pet game given to me expecially by Purina Cat Food is pretty cool. Of course there will be some advertising on the free online games page – but hey a Cat has got to live and although times are hard and a click is easy!

The Kite and Virtual Pet

After Cat In A Bin Comes Pink Cat!

What are you humans like?

No I won’t say animals because as far as I know you don’t see any animals ever dumping innocent Cats in ‘wheelie bins’ or unbelievably dyeing each other pink. You can’t even say that humankind is sub-animal because I am pretty confident that even if they had hands and access to pink dye, Slugs wouldn’t be caught dyeing each other pink either!

So why the rant? Well just look below at this latest ‘inhuman’ act, someone dyed a poor innocent Cat pink and dumped it in an unsuspecting neighbours garden in the UK – again.

What is it with you humans and innocent Cats, I hope that soon you go back to picking on each other on the grounds of religion, caste, colour, creed, size of nose, where you live and on and on and on.

Gosh I am glad I am not human, in fact I am sure that being a pink Cat would be better than being human, at least I could wash the pink off!