Old Bag Not Punished Enough

Mary Bale, 45, from Coventry, the dreadful woman who dumped a poor innocent Cat into a waste bin has only been fined was fined £250 plus £15 victim surcharge and court costs of £1,171.4p and sadly was reported ‘near to tears’ surely she should have been inconsolable for what she did and punished properly?

This fine does demonstrate the cost (and inefficiency) of British justice – the court costs are over four times greater than the amount expected to be paid as punishment – something is wrong there isn’t it?

Mary Bale was also banned from keeping or owning animals for the next five years duh! You’d think she would be banned etc forever, she is not a nice person is she? The answer to that is in her behaviour surely – British justice is such and arse isn’t it?

It is true to say that British justice is like a limp biscuit soft, mushy and makes a terrible mess on the carpet.

Over the next five years if you see this woman with an animal call the police immediately!

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