What Passes For Din-dins in Russia’s Arctic Circle?

Ok this blog is not for the fainthearted or readers with weak stomachs.

Guess what Yogi’s big brothers in the north of Russia are up to? Well it really isn’t very nice. Bears are so hungry because of a shortage of their usual foods up in the frozen wastes of the Russian Arctic Circle that they are dropping down to the nearest cemetery and tucking into the frozen remains of humans.

Yep I am afraid that is right, graveyard grub is catching on in a big way up where brass monkeys fear to tread and this appalled Cat expects most restaurants in France to start dishing up their version very soon because of course all ‘French Cuisine’ as it is laughingly known comes from other cultures, mainly Italy of course where the people love food and love to cook wonderful delicious food.

Sad to say all the French did was to steal their recipes and get anal about the way the stuff should be served whereas the Italians just think that good food should be served ‘generously’ and if you don’t believe me just think about Pavarotti – he would never have been the size he was if he had eaten Nouveau Cuisine would he?

So back to the Russian Bears and their enormous refrigerators full of – oh! sorry that is just too revolting to think about or write any more about – just like writing about French Cuisine to say nothing about the way the idiots drink their wine.


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