China’s New Supercomputer Is The World’s Fastest

When I read that China’s Tianhe-1A supercomputer had taken the crown as the world’s fastest supercomputer from the US and that the Tianhe-1A was capable of sustained computing of 2.507 petaflops a second – 1.4 times faster than Cray XT5 Jaguar I wouldn’t say that I was all that impressed!

Why I hear you ask – well for one simple reason and that simple reason is I wondered where who the Chinese had stolen the design and blue prints from – let’s face it China’s technology industry is only good at assembling computers designed in the US and of course in the case of Apple designed by an English designer in the US but that bit of information is just jingoistic really – like say for example having the world’s fastest supercomputer.

Below are a few images of my suggestions for what the Chinese computer may look like based on what they have copied so far. Although if it is really designed by the Chinese then it probably looks dreadful – just like the sound of its name.


Actually I was going to add some examples from other computer manufacturers but as I looked through what HP, Dell, Acer and the rest of the bunch had to offer something horrible struck me – their computers are so ugly that they must use Chinese designers already so there was no choice but to use Apple really after all I am an honest Cat.

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