A Blog In A Hurry

Hi all – I am in a hurry because I am just about to spend several hours using a misnamed telephone ‘service.’

Yes that’s right – I will be calling the the very badly named ‘Apple Customer Service helpline’ the reason I have to do that is yesterday I received a new Apple computer and of course it doesn’t work properly. I have a history of buying Apple computers that don’t work properly. My laptop arrived several years ago and died almost immediately and because it was several years ago I had, until now, forgotten just what a prick you have to be to buy Apple computers because they go wrong straight out of the box every time and when you speak to customer service they can’t help.

Now I wouldn’t be talking to the Apple unhelpful line but the retailer who I bought the damn machine from allowed me, online, to fill in loads of forms – print out loads of forms and a postage label and then just as I was going out of the door with the box full to the brim with a useless computer they emailed me to say that I had to talk to Apple first they could help – yeah right!

So now I am about to sit in front of a phone listening to musak and Apple ads and get annoyed which means by the time I speak to the cretin called kevin or shona I will be in a foul mood in a way I pity don’t you?

I just have to keep repeating to myself – “I’m so lucky I could be saddled with a computer that runs Windows!” But as some cocky person has just said here at The Cat HQ “at least the Windows computer runs Windows.”

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