The Cat Drowning Bitch Julie Carter Is Jailed!

The Cat drowning bitch Julie Carter is jailed – but most agree that this blight on the face of humanity has not been jailed for long enough just 12 weeks.

After telling staff of the British charity that is set up to defend the welfare of animals the RSPCA (the royal society for the protection and care of animals) that “she couldn’t afford a phone call to have the 8 Cats rescued” this demented piece of shit – sorry for some reason my **** key isn’t working – killed them one a day over a week.

Julie Carter, 43, of Bicester, actually tried to drown nine animals aged between one and three years old, because her housing association had told her to remove some of her Cats, but one of them survived.

Cat drowning Julie Carter - bitch.jpg

As usual British justice was thin on the ground at this dreadful woman’s trial and Julie Carter will be free to hurt animals and who knows even babies and small children in a very short time indeed. She was also banned from keeping animals for life however as a report on the British police early this week showed that some murderers and rapists who had been released from prison under their supervision had gone back to their old ways and murdered and raped – what chance have a few unimportant animals and possibly small children? The answer is none what so ever.

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