UK Bookmakers Are Offering Odds That Prince William Will Get Married In 2011

Yes it is true bookmakers have started to give rather short odds that one of the dreadful royal family will get married next year and as a result force a financially crippled nation to stump up an absolute fortune for the wedding – it is a tradition going back to the dawn of time almost that the ordinary people pay for the royal family’s little luxuries such as weddings and this one could end up being the most expensive wedding ever.

The Happy Couple.png

If the balding prince does marry it will be to his long time live in lover Kate the Hat Middleton, oddly enough bookmakers are not taking bets on just exactly the rather dreadful prince will finally go completely bald as you can see from the pictures below it is just a matter of time before he will dazzle crowds as his father and grandfather do.

This picture wasn’t taken that long ago and ‘pee-wuba’ as some call him had a nice crop of hair styled in the boy band mop of the day.


These days the threads are bare unfortunately – still that is what you get for shooting defenceless animals and being a royal or to put it another way a totally waste of space.


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