You May Know That I Don’t Care Much For Harry Potter – But!

You may or may not know that I don’t much care for Harry Potter and all things wizardly and before you say something I know that I am part of a very small minority – mmh I wonder if I can get state aid or a grant or something for being in a small minority?

My dislike is obviously based on my jealousy of Saint J K Rowling (patron saint of the book publishing industry) who singlehandedly kept book reading alive and sold more books in a month than I probably will ever sell, so you could say that I have every right to be jealous couldn’t you?

I don’t like Harry Potter for all sorts of reasons if you must ask. I fall asleep trying to read it and worst of all there are no laughs in it not even a bit of a smile here and there.

Still even with this aversion to HP, JK et al I have to say that I liked the picture below and that is because you can see that Harry’s fans have got older and if you don’t believe me read the banner at the premier of the latest installment of the HP movies

All Grown Up Now.jpg

I sincerely hope that it was a wand in his pocket har ha!

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