What On Earth Do You Humans Have For Brains!

I am asking the question “what on earth do you humans have for brains?” because I think that you are almost all completely mad! Why well here are three (I couldn’t bare to look at any more) pictures from the fashion house United Bamboo’s 2011 Calendar.

Now I have nothing against using pictures of Cats for advertising we are very photogenic and almost always look good in photographs except when we are smiling of course something I cover in my wonderful best seller – you may have heard of it “Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary” which you can buy here Amazon.com or from my www – wickedly wonderful website¬†www.thecatsdiary.com but I think that the ‘Marcus’ or whatever his name is at the advertising department of United Bamboo, a fashion company (apparently) has really gone too far this time and I think I know what happened.

Just imagine for a moment that you are head of an advertising/marketing department and the chairman of the company wakes you up at your desk with a phone call, asks you to come up with a brilliant idea for a calendar for 2011 and you panic and answer “I know we’ll dress ‘Cats’ up in our clothes – gosh this coffee is strong, or am I still hungover? No hang on we can’t do that, dressing Cats up in our designer clothes would be daft! They’re much too big, the clothes that is, I know we’ll make special small ones, oh! My headaches and the double vision is terrible!”

Next thing you know the United Bamboo 2011 Calendar is unleashed on an unsuspecting populous – what have you humans done to deserve that? Beats me, you are all strange.

Anyway without further ado, or moaning from me, here are three examples from the calendar that wins the prize “Most Insulting To Cats 2011.”

United Bamboo1.jpg

United Bamboo Cat fashion calendar 2011.jpg

The last Cat/model is called Oscar and he is a fine looking chap what a shame that he has been so badly exploited I wonder if the photographer and the other bright sparks at the loathsome United Bamboo company know that poor Oscar is blind? Or care!

United Bamboo Oscar.jpg

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