Bacon I Don’t Want To Try!

At first when I saw this wrapper I thought that someone had sent me a label from China where Bow Wow and gulp Pussy Cat are regular menu items – but no oddly enough this wrapper comes from Spain.

I can tell you now if this is fast food in Spain I don’t want to try it!

Dog Bacon.jpg

Then horror of horrors struck me if they have Dog Bacon rolls will they eat a dessert of Stewed Cat and Custard?

If the Spanish, who I have always found to be rather nice unless you are a Bull of course, treat their animals as fast food like this I think they deserve to follow Ireland and go bust!

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2 thoughts on “Bacon I Don’t Want To Try!”

  1. Hello there thanks for the lovely and accurate comments on my blog. My suspicion when I saw this label was that there was a translation error – a sort of mix up with “Hot Dog” and “Bacon Roll” but to the English speakers among us that is simply funny.

    Most English speakers know that the Spanish are lovely and rather cuddly and that they dislike Bull fighting and don’t eat Dog or indeed Cat, they like the rest of the civilized world leave that sort of thing to the Chinese.

    Have a wonderful day and a “Feliz Navidad” if I have remembered what “Happy Christmas” en Espanol! As I mentioned in today’s blog (Monday December 6th) I like to go to Barcelona at Christmas it is wonderful, but of course any place in Spain is pretty fantastic, sadly this year that wasn’t possible because of the air traffic strike but next year I will do so again definitely.

  2. Hello!

    I’m really shocked for your comment, I’m from Spain and I can’t belive this sandwitch exists! 🙁
    Have you got the ingredients list? I can’t read from this picture. I hope this is a bad translation from spanish to english…
    I’m absolutely against bullfight like so many, many people in Spain, please don’t think all spanish people like that cruelty.
    And we don’t eat dog or cats…

    Anyway, nice blog, greetings!

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