A Very Big Thank You From A Humble Cat

“Here is a very big thank you from a humble but good looking Cat,” there that is a better description of my good self, I wanted to add clever, genius, wonderful and so much more but frankly it seemed a little ‘mauve’ of me. But having said that the ‘thank you’ is very, very sincere – I won’t smile here and if you are reading (or have read) my book I know you will know why – Cat’s look just a little sinister when we smile unfortunately – I personally think it is the teeth some say it’s the whiskers though.

I’m thanking everyone who has bought my book and launched it, and in turn me, into the rarified atmosphere of the top 100 books on Amazon.com.

So of course we are celebrating here at Cat World HQ now that my book is where it belongs in the top 100 humour books on Amazon.com

It goes without saying that I will be delighted if you all leave glowing reviews after you have read it and of course make sure that you bully your friends to go to Amazon.com and order my book – and you can still get it before Christmas, which is pretty good isn’t it?

The Cat & Kindle.png

So thanks again I do really appreciate you all spending your hard earned folding stuff on the work of a wonderful and tremendously talented Cat – I hope you do exactly what I intend with the book and laugh until you have to put it down and look on the internet for a cure of hiccups!

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