The Cat Goes To The Mystic East And Starves!

As the title says I have been to the mystic east – they call it that because no one knows what they are doing and therefore daily life is as much a mystery to the people there as it is to the casual tourist!

Having said that I loved Japan and its exotic mystery but when it comes to food the mystery deepens and frankly I was just to confused to eat to say nothing of being afraid of the descriptions of the food.

Here are two examples of ‘simple’ (you would think) juice and ice cream treats available in Tokyo.


Cool what?

Bluebelly and what?.png

Bluebelly lovely!

Things got worst I have to say when I went to Hong Kong, Dave the Cat had wandered off which is why this menu seemed somehow ominous.

So Tht's What Happened To Dave.png

Braised fresh Dave – No!

So what was I doing in the mystic east apart from starving of course, well I am over half way through my ‘Travelogue’ it is going to be my next book and will soon be out on, any really good bookshop, and frankly hundreds of thousands of top quality stockists just like my latest masterpiece of feline literature ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ which will be a movie one of these days.

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