I Very Rarely Return To A Subject

As the title says it isn’t of ten that I revisit a subject – unless of course the over indulgent actions of a particular royal family – but that aside I had to show you all this picture from the race that I mentioned yesterday.

Another ‘friend’ who was at the event sent me the picture below and from it you can see just how dreadfully daft sled Dogs really are.

Just look at the chap in this picture he is looking forward to a grueling 1000 km or 620 mile race over 11 days and does he seem in awe of the prospect, of course he doesn’t there is no intelligent thought going on behind his eyes what so ever except he is probably thinking ‘mmh these booties are tight – I wish I was wearing blue ones!’

Total lack of Inteligence.png

You know I am so glad that I’m a Cat!

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