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Here in the western world it is Monday, in Europe it is snowy and in the middle of Europe it is frosty. It’s very cold indeed and if I didn’t need to go to the studio today I don’t think I would risk my paw pads on the frozen ground, but I have a duty to my fans and that means that soon I will be out of the door and off to write a film script or two – I am a cat that just goes on giving aren’t I?

As I am in a little bit of a hurry, again, sorry! I though that I would give you a lovely little sign, again, sorry!

Here, looking out at the cold, and really looking forward to getting into it, I can see that the trees are covered in an air frost, I would impress you dear readers and tell you that it is a ‘hoar’ or ‘rime’ frost because one of those is airborne but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you which is which, not only that I think there is another ‘frost’ who’s name I have forgotten and of course air frost could be that – darn why are Cat’s so honest I could have easily said that the ‘hoar’ frost has covered the tress you humans wouldn’t have known the difference but I ‘have’ to tell the truth it is a species wide problem.

Still the trees look nice here they are mainly 30 foot tall Christmas trees although further on the streets are lined with Pear, Cherry and Apple trees which oddly enough does not effect the sale of those fruit from the supermarkets. Mind you unlike the ‘Proles’ here I collect the fruit and bottle it, yes it is an odd hobby for a Cat but then I am not a normal Cat.

Anyway the trees do look nice and we should always remember to look after our trees because they look after us unfortunately that desire to look after trees can go to far – see the sign below.

Close the gate.jpg

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