Odd Newspaper Sales Offer

I’m still a bit busy trying to achieve something rather special and of course finish my next work of genius my Travelogue – the good news is that I am in Las Vegas at the moment, who that is good news for I don’t quite know but it must be good news for someone surely!

So with being busy etc., I feel I am neglecting my lovely cuddly blog readers who don’t get the longest blog at the minute, but they do get little jokettes and interesting pictures of course and if they are really feeling disgruntled could go to my www.wickedly wonderful website for more in-depth reading or of course buy my book here Amazon.com if they haven’t already tee hee.

So today’s blog – I do read the English newspaper called the Guardian which is rather famous for being ‘liberal’ and mis-spellings – the mis-spelling label is unfair because there are just as many poor examples of spelling everywhere these days especially in other newspapers.

Sorry the point and I separated for a moment but we are back together again now happily, veering off the point is just something I do as my dedicated readers will know full well – it is a talent of mine and of course part of my charm as a writer… oops the point mmh!

I saw this odd advert in the Guardian the other day and thought silly sods they can’t add up and that was it, but as the advert has appeared everyday now for a long while I thought I would share their silliness with you as they are so proud of it.

3 for 2

Note to the art department buy one get one free in my language means two umbrellas!

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