Is That The Best They Can Do?

I am always grateful to people who are crazy about Cats, they are fun to talk to, nice to be around and yes of course they buy my book by the thousand which is wonderful and of course available here if you aren’t one of those lucky enough to have it yet..

So bearing that in mind I have been recently looking at things that people can buy for people who like Cats. The choice (apart from my wonderful book of course) is pretty dire and below is a perfect example. The colours, the style are just appalling and the message is a little odd.

If anyone makes excellent Cat related products and gifts and would like to sell them from my store at my amazingly popular www – wickedly wonderful website I will gladly give them the space – well for a consideration of course – you have to buy prawns with something I discovered sadly when I popped into my local fishmonger with two mice and a song bird and wanted to do a trade.

Crazy Cat Mug

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