Good-bye Kitty the Library Cat

It was a great idea, to have a Cat in a library, the staff loved it, the kids loved it, the PR people reveled in it and I hear tell that ‘Kitty the Library Cat’ didn’t mind being a library cat at all. In fact after a hard day sleeping, being petted and performing the occasional death defying leap from one bookcase to another Kitty believed that she had made her contribution to society.

All of that sadly has come to an abrupt end. After just a few months as the official library Cat at the Musser Public library in Muscatine, Iowa ‘Kitty the ex-library Cat’ has been told that her services are no longer needed.

At first ‘Kitty the ex-library Cat’ was heartbroken and when she tearfully enquired why she was being let go she became very embarrassed when she heard that she was getting her pink slip because of an ‘infestation.’

‘Kitty the ex-library Cat,’ like all Cats, occasionally plays host to a few hundred free loaders, humans call them fleas. And just because ‘Kitty the ex-library Cat’ had one or two fleas the library decided enough was enough.

Personally this Cat would like to bet that ‘Kitty the ex-library Cat’ was flea free before she went to work at the library, after all it winter was just ending when she signed on and we all know that fleas don’t live on Cats in the winter they hop off don’t they.

One of the places that fleas like to hop off to in the winter if they can is public place that has good heating. It’s like when Grandma and Grandpa go down to Palm Desert for the winter. Now correct me if I am wrong but aren’t libraries rather toasty in the winter?

I think that ‘Kitty the ex-library Cat’ should chat to a lawyer in my opinion she has a case for compensation here. Does anyone know a good bar or barrack room where we can find a lawyer for Kitty; if you do please let me know.

Kitty No Longer the Library Cat

One of ‘Kitty the ex-library Cat’s’ favourite books, I am happy to say, is my book the very wonderful and extremely funny work of genius that represents the pinnacle of feline literature. (Until my next is published book of course).

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