Temptation And Patience

There are so many things in life that offer such adorable temptation and I know for humans it must be worse because you have all sorts of stuff that you can gorge on, indulge in and debase yourselves with when you want to – it’s obviously a talent most Cats envy.

Happily us Cats or is that we Cats? Who cares! We rely on our ability to resist temptation and we do this by employing our endless patience, consider what Confucius would have said about the picture below.

Sometimes the temptation

Must be read in a fake Chinese manner:

“The Sparrow is tempted to peck the sleeping Cat and his temptation will get the better of him. The sleeping Cat is patiently waiting for the Sparrow to peck him and his rewards will be greater.”

You can of course add a crunching sound here depending upon your need for accuracy tee hee.

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