Just Look At Today’s Craftsmanship From China

Following on from my earlier blog today when I said that the craftsmanship of the Chinese leaves a lot to question here is yet another example of the dangers of using anything with the ‘Made in China’ label on it, and a number of people commented that I was being a little hard on the Chinese.

Well here is my answer they can’t even make a bridge properly and if they can’t do something as basic as that do you trust them to make something that has large amounts of very dangerous electricity running through it in front of you if you use Chinese made computers, TV’s and all the rest of the tat that they churn out without regard to something called good old fashion quality of manufacture.

Track in a Hole

Part of the structure of a bridge collapsed into a river yesterday in Changchun, Jilin province, China two people were injured and also the Chinese national pride too at least if their national pride was a little dented they would recognise that they have to try harder when the manufacture things or build them.

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