No Barking! Finally A Sign I Like.

It isn’t often, especially in the middle of a Middle East Spring when you can pat the Saudi Arabian authorities on the back and say “job well done.”

But you have to give credit where credit is due and as this sign shows the Saudi Arabian government has decided to outlaw ‘barking.’ In this Cat’s humble opinion (yes the humble bit was a joke) the outlawing of barking hasn’t come too soon. Barking is a dreadful noisy habit and should be outlawed – maybe next the Saudi’s will go further and outlaw Dogs as well after all they have some pretty daft laws don’t they?

No Barking Saudi Arabia

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2 thoughts on “No Barking! Finally A Sign I Like.”

  1. Hmmm perhaps not the best blog post in the world when my mum is looking on the internetz trying to find a copy of your paperback book for sale. Yes, they have them on Amazon, she thinks it’s a paperback and not a kindle downloadable version… but she’s not sure she wants to spend quite that much bonio money on a book about a cat. I think we shall try the “bookshop near you” option first. Do you think we are likely to find one over here? We have no idea where you are… but have a feeling it’s not “over here”.
    Pfttt no barking indeed. Who else is going to let you know there’s someone at the door? An uninvited guest wandering around your garden?

  2. Not the best blog Post? Mmh only if you are a tripe eater would you think that! I agree though Dogs do have their uses. In my wonderful book that you are trying to find and can be bought as a paperback or a Kindle thingy I do mention several uses for Dogs some of which are actually quite nice. My companion is a shaggy German Shepherd Dog who I have to say couldn’t tell a Lamb from a Lamp but on a cold night there is nothing better than cuddling up next to him and getting all snuggly and slowly warm up until you have to kick the old boy out of his basket because you are too hot.

    I do believe that there is a chance that you will be able to get my book in old England or over there which is where you are, from here which is Prague, if you see what I mean!

    Because I am such a helpful Cat I thought that these ISBN numbers might come in handy if the bookstore in your town is out of stock ISBN-10: 1441445609 ISBN-13: 978-1441445605 both ISBN numbers apply to the same book and are used primarily by publishers to confuse industrious authors and the reading public, I believe.

    Thanks for the comment I look forward to many more conversations, comments and something else clever beginning with ‘C’ that I can’t quite think of just yet.


    The Cat

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