Look What Happens To Careful Drivers When They Read Drive Carefully Signs

Sorry about the length of the headline – ‘Look what happens to careful drivers when they read drive carefully signs,’ but I have to I put the length of the headline down to shock – I was shocked that any one would be so stupid as to put a sign in such a dangerous place that had been created by so cruel people who obviously wanted to cause accidents.

Really the world has gone made when not only do you see signs for this and that all over the road telling to to do this, then that and not to do almost everything.

After erecting loads of idiot signs the sign clowns here decided to turn what was a two lane road into one – no wonder there are loads of accidents in the UK and that insurance premiums have risen 40% in a year, well the other reason is corporate greed of course but then that is a given isn’t it?

Look what happens to careful drivers when they read signs

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